What's In A Box?

Each box is built around the Foodies Book of the Month - picture stories set in a veggie patch.  Each box explores the star fruit or vegetable and the growing and eating pleasures of the month.

The box contains a mixture of:

  • independent activities (colouring, puzzles);
  • activities which involve them thinking and learning about foods and the environment
  • hand on PSHE or science games linked to the theme of the story;
  • hands on growing or cooking activities;
  • monthly tasting games to encourage children to try more foods and chart their adventures with food.

A full list of box contents

  • 32 page full colour Foodies Book of the Month - a story, veggie facts and recipe
  • 2 colouring sheets and a puzzle
  • list of foods that are yummy this month
  • suggested garden jobs if you have a veggie patch or some pots
  • tasting activity with five seasonal foods and stickers to put in the passport
  • craft or exploration task based on the story theme
  • hands on PSHE or science game or activity based on the story theme
  • sequencing activity to help children learn how the star food grows
  • either a growing activity (with seeds) or a cooking activity (with equipment)

What are The Foodies Books?

The monthly packs are built around a series of 12 illustrated stories. The books are set in a veggie patch with a different story for each month of the year. In each story the fruit and vegetable characters are in season in the UK during that month. They are a gentle, fun way to get children more used to how basic British fruits and vegetables look and grow, and how the seasons affect our food. Each book also contains some factual information (written by children) and a seasonal recipe which your child can tackle with very little adult help.

What's In October's Box?

The book of the month, Pumpkin Feels Lonely, is all about how we can all feel left out sometimes and how we all have skills and abilities that make us special. The theme of the activities is all around pumpkins, seeds and self esteem. And we're cooking this month with some pumpkin muffins to bake. Your October box includes:

  • Pumpkin Feels Lonely book
  • Pumpkin colouring, October colouring scene and a puzzle
  • What's yummy in October?
  • Things to plant in October, & looking after the garden in October
  • Five foods to taste and rate and stickers for your passport
  • A Seed Saving and Scoffing Chart
  • Let's make a Strong Box
  • How does a pumpkin grow? With cut out and stick tiles
  • Making pumpkin muffins with cake toppers included

And there's more!

When you sign up for a subscription, you will also receive a membership pack, with instructions for parents or carers on how to get the most out of the packs. 

Your child will receive a Food Adventurer's Passport, which has pages for each month, with spaces to collect their stickers from their tasting adventures and boxes to record their growing and cooking activities.

You will also have access to a private Little Foodies Club Facebook group, where you can ask questions, share pictures,  find new ideas, and meet other families who are exploring food with their children.

What Our Members Have Said So Far:

I think it's safe to say the kids were happy with a special delivery through the post today... the March box from The Foodies Books. The kids couldn't wait to see what was inside and it didn't disappoint! 

Great reaction - they can't wait to get started! We are really impressed. I didn't expect it to contain such good activities!

Becky - Mum to Charlie & Daisy

Very excited to get our first box today!!! My daughter got stuck in straight away with some of the activities. 😊

Marie, Mum to Lucy