Who is The Little Foodies Club for?

The Little Foodies Club is aimed at families who are interested in food and want their children to know more about it. You don't need to be knowledgeable about it yourself, just enthusiastic. The boxes will help you explore fruits and vegetables, seasonal produce, growing, cooking and tasting lots of different things.

The books themselves are aimed at 3-7 year olds but the activities are accessible for older children too, so the boxes are ideal for any family where there is a child under 8 in the household, even if there are other older siblings too.

What if we have more than one child taking part?

Most of the activities in the box can be done by more than one child together, for example tasting can be done by several people together, growing activities and science / PSHE activities can be done as a family and so on. The only elements which are aimed at one child are the colouring and puzzles. We have included an easier and more difficult colouring in each pack so they can be shared out. 

If you join as a member (rather than a one off gift box) you wil receive a membership pack for the family to share, it contains a passport which can be filled in by a whole family. We send one membership badge as standard, if you want the packs to be for more than one child and have more than one membership badge, then make sure that you list all of the children's names on the checkout form. The labels on the boxes will then list the children named and we will send out a badge for each of them.


Will we need a garden or any special growing equipment?

All of our gardening activities can be grown in a container on a windowsill or patio or doorstep. We provide peat free growing starters for each set of seeds. However to help the plants grow on properly you will need a small bag of all purpose compost to pot them on after a few weeks when they have grown a  little.

They will also need a bigger pot, but you don't need to go out and buy something. Either reuse old pots from plants you have bought, or use plastic food containers that you have saved, like icecream tubs, yoghurt pots or takeaway boxes if you have any. If your household tries not to use plastic at all, ask a neighbour as others are bound to have plastic that they would love to recycle.

You will not need special gardening tools, hands will be fine for all of the activities we have, however if you have a small trowel that may come in handy potting things on. A watering can is also great, but you can just use a kitchen jug or make a homemade watering bottle by piercing some holes in the lid of a soda bottle.

Will we need a big kitchen or special cooking equipment?

All of our cooking activities can be done in an average family kitchen, with a normal sized oven or hob ring. If something special is needed to make something work, like a specially shaped cookie cutter, we will provide it.

Is the Little Foodies Club environmentally friendly?

The whole point of The Little Foodies Club is to connect our children to their environment so that they will understand it more. Eating is something we do three times a day and the way we make our decisions about what to eat can have an enormous impact on the world, our eating decisions are a major superpower in how we fight for the planet. 

Seasonal food is good for the planet as well as our wallets and bodies, and understanding where our food comes from and the effort which goes into producing it encourages people to reduce waste.

From our end, we use recycled and recyclable materials wherever we can. All of our paper and card products (including the box) are recycled paper except for the food stickers and box stickers, and we are looking for ways to make those better too in future. We provide peat free pellets for growing, and wrap them in recycled packing paper. Our plant label wooden lolly sticks are from FSC sustainable sources. The majority of our seed comes from a UK family nursery who phave been operating on organic environmental principles for decades - Victoriana Nursery Gardens and for the occasional seeds which they cannot provide for us we are trying out other ethical seed companies to find the right fit.


What happens if I want to stop my subscription?

If for any reason you find that you no longer want to receive the boxes, we will help you as best we can.

If you have a month to month subscription you can ask us to stop your subscription at any time if you no longer want it.  We will stop your payments and stop sending your boxes.

If you have paid upfront you won't be able to refund your subscription, but paying upfront means you will have received the boxes at a cheaper monthly price. However if you want to gift the remainder of your subscription to a different family, you can let us know and we will change the delivery address.

How long will my subscription last?

If you have paid in advance then the subscription will last as long as you have signed up for (3, 6 or 12 months), we will stop it for you at the end of the period you chose, we will send a reminder in the last pack so you can choose to renew if you wish.

If you have a rolling pay-as-you-go membership it will continue for a maximum of 12 months. You can cancel during the 12 months at any time.

This version of The Little Foodies Club is a 12 month programme to connect children with their food. It will not roll on past the 12 month period. 

We are planning follow on programmes for cooks and gardeners, so if at the end of the 12 months you still want to be part of The Little Foodies Club, we will tell you about the options then.

How do I get started?

Choose the subscription type that you want, and sign up.

Monthly members - we will take the first payment and send out the membership pack straight away. Then you will get your first box in the last week of the month you signed up in, ready for the next month.

In subsequent months, payment will go out on the 18th of the month preceeding the box, so that we can make up your box and send it out before the next month begins.

Pay up front members - you don't need to do anything else - you have done all of your end and we will just send your membership pack and boxes as above until your term ends.

If you buy a gift box you will be sending the box of the month you are in, up until the 15th of that month. After the 15th you will be ordering a box from the following month. If you want to do something different, email us and we will do our best to help.


Where do you ship to?

At the moment The Little Foodies Club sends boxes to the UK only, because of the regulations around exporting seeds.

The Classic packs can be sent all over the world, but please email me at enquiries@thefoodies.org to ask for a quote for shipping to your exact location and I will give you a special quote to see if it is affordable for you to have them sent monthly.


Why is there a charity donation for each box and how does that work?

We have chosen to make a donation to Mary's Meals and the Trussell Trust, for every box sold, for two reasons. One is that they are brilliant charities helping children to eat all over the world, and if we have a mission to help our children to eat well with our products we believe it is important for us to make good food available to as many children as possible.

The second reason is that we believe our subscribers are the kind of families who also believe in doing the same, but when we are raising our families we are busy and stressed and sometimes finding time and energy to find a charity we believe in and set up a payment can be an extra job to do. So we will make a donation every time your receive a box, and you can know that you are helping to feed and campaign for families who are struggling in the UK as well as providing healthy meals for children indeveloping countries to be able to go to school. 

From time to time we may send you information about the work of the two charities and of course it would be wonderful if you want to offer any extra support. 

You don't need to do anything and it won't affect your gift aid or other contributions, we are not making a donation on your behalf, we are simply making a donation as a company every time we sell a box, so your purchase is enabling us to help more people.

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