The Little Foodies Club Classic

Our quick, fun,

value club

Our Classic Little Foodies Club has been landing on doormats for over 10 years. A smaller pack with all the seasonal essentials, still delighting your child but quicker to complete together and suitable for every budget.

What's in the Classic Club?

The Classic Little Foodies Club comes in an envelope rather than a box, and includes the most essential items to explore the seasonal foods of the month and get kids into the veggie patch.

Book of the Month

Colour The Star Food



Yummy Foods of the Month

Garden Jobs of the Month

Classic contents, Classic Pricing!





  • Pay just £4.75 today
  • We will take £4.75 each month
  • You can cancel anytime
  • Stops automatically at 12 months



/ single pack



/ 3 months



/ 6 months



/ 12 months

  • Pay in one chunk and you're done!
  • Makes a great and unusual gift
  • Buy once but know that your gift will create excitement every month for up to a year

How does it work?

Choose Your Subscription Length

Choose from 3 month, 6 month or 12 months. You can pay monthly or in one go.

We send a package every month

We send the five items through the post each month, addressed to the child

First month includes a welcome pack

The first pack includes a certificate and badge and a message from you.

I can't recommend the Foodies Books enough, they are amazing. Simple, great fun and educational without my 3 or 5 year old daughters noticing!  Receiving them through the post caused great excitement each month and gave time for each new book to be treasured.


The Classic Membership is for you if...

you want something Quicker

You like the idea of the books and the monthly foods, but worry you will get behind with the activities in the box

you prefer a lower price

Prices are so high elsewhere in your budget and this seems a more sustainable price point to explore foods

Less done-for-you

You already have seeds, recipes or craft items, and just want the books and ideas of which foods to explore together

Want to join but it's not the right time?

Get on our mailing list and we will send a few emails each month to tell you which packs are coming up so you can wait until the right time for you.

You'll even get a little discount code to use when you take the plunge!