Renew Your Membership

(Pay In Advance To Save Money)

This is for you if:

  • you have been gifted (or bought yourself) a three or six month membership 
  • you're on your last box from the gift
  • you want to continue getting our boxes
  • you want to pay in a lump sum in advance to get a better price (rather than paying monthly)

Choose the number of months you want to pay for in the checkout below - 3, 6, or 9 months - whatever you want to take you up to the 12 months maximum, Paying this way will get your boxes for a cheaper price than pay as you go.


In the checkout below, make sure you have entered the child's name and address that has been used for the membership to date, so we can match the two together.

If you have a renewal discount coupon, enter it at the bottom.

What happens when I get to the end of my months?

Your membership will carry on until the end of the chunk of time you have paid for. If your last paid box is less than the full 12 months of boxes in the Club, we will send a voucher in your last box to ask if you wish to do another renewal.