Thank you for joining
The Little Foodies Club!

What happens next?

Check your email to make sure the name and address details are right on the invoice.

Email us straight away with any corrections.

You will also get another email asking if you want to receive follow up ideas from us. If you bought the box for someone else, you will get an email to forward to that parent. Opting in is totally optional.

Head over to the private Facebook group for members.

(If you bought a gift, their email will ask the child's parent or carer to join)

The members pack will arrive in the next few days.

Then the first pack will arrive.

 If you ordered before the 14th of the month, the child will get the box in the next few days.

If you ordered after the 14th of the month, they will get your first box at the beginning of the next month.

Enjoy your membership! Keep in touch, tell us how you're getting on. 

Send us pictures! 

Your packs will arrive every month until your subscription ends. You don't have to do anything else as you have paid up front and all your work is done!